Top travel instagramers you HAVE to follow!

“Never let your memories be greater than your dreams” – Douglas Ivester

Instagram is one of the most desirable apps in which people get their fix by following influencers who live their best lives traveling across multiple countries, posting stunning photos and receiving tons of likes and comments.

This could be a good or a bad place, depending on how you choose to use it, however to most of us it serves as either an inspiration to strive for something greater or to walk down that path towards becoming an influencer as well.

Personally I have been on Instagram for quite a while now and while it does not have a large following, its truly inspiring to find other pages that post photos and advice related to travel so i decided to write a quick piece on a few of the top travel Instagramers you have to follow.

National Geographic

This page has multiple accounts on Instagram that covers a variety of topics from travel and adventure, they feature a multitude of extremely talented photographers from different backgrounds who traverse the planet always on the lookout for that perfect picture that always seems to be just out of reach.

Theres a reason why every single one of their pages on Instagram has millions of followers and that chiefly is quality. Also while I will try to stick to more solo travelers during this article I just thought it vital to start with a powerful and truely professional account that showcases most of the attributes necessary for a page to be successful.

Thrainn Klobeinsson

Now at first glance, in terms of followers and popularity, this might seem like a huge step down but this guy is truely one amazing photographer and also keep in mind that this is his personal account and all photos are his own.

Browsing through this guys account will leave you mesmerized, the color grading that he uses to touch up his photos are honestly up to the highest standards that has become the new norm when it comes to any professional photographer. His personal touch seems to be the fact that he focuses mostly on cold and winter themed photos as he travels across the northern region of the planet.

Hayden Terjeson

While this guy is relatively a recent find he looked like he has been in the game for a long time and doesn’t that show in his work. His account has not yet gotten the praise or recognition that it deserves but i am sure that its just a matter of time.

The theme of this account looks to be an orange glow with Autumn and sunrises/ sunsets being his main focus. I am a huge fan of his color grading style and the readers who were to clink on his account will agree that you will be greeted by an array of welcoming photos that would make you want to browse them individually and just keep on scrolling as you do.


Now this guy definitely has been recognised and that truely shows with his followers, he focuses much more on either self portraits or shots of his friends in some of the most remarkable locations that I have ever seen.

Once again, the color grading is on point which is one of the major selling point that contributes to the success of his page. He also adds a splash of video posts littered across the portraits and they too look to be very well edited and produced. no doubt he works with plenty of ad agencies who are willing to pay a premium if you have what it takes.

Oliver Wong

Now this guy’s account is really something special, unlike the previous pages that I showed you his profile is a contrast to all of them, its brightly coloured and focuses on stunningly creative city based photography which are truely a sight to behold!

he is also known to post some content that have gone viral and I do not need to tell you how hard it is to make something get that big within the community!

Alex Strohl

Alex is what you would call an Instagram veteran, he has been here for a number of years and is one of the best pages that I have found so far, an immensely large and popular account too with just over 2 million followers Alex tells beautiful stories in his work.

When they say a picture contains a thousand words they were definitely using this page for reference! He ranges from a wide variety of subjects from river to snowy mountains and to the occasional portrait.

It is truely a pleasure to be able to look through and gain inspiration from all of these accounts and much more as well which can all be found in my instagram page under the followers tab. (shameless plug!)

Please feel free to checkout my page as well as i do my best to catch up to these amazing photographers so consider following me as you will be able to checkout all of my upcoming adventures!

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