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“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

In these modern times there is no shortage of apps, be it on the play store or the app store you can literally find thousands of must have travel apps all claiming to be the best, however, how would you go about rifling through them looking for the most reliable ones?

Fear not for I have gone through countless reviews and articles to narrow do the perfect list of must have travel apps for you.

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Hostel world

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This accomodation app is the one to select, while there are a whole bunch of accomodation apps to select, hostel world has that user friendly and interactive feel to it to make your next search a lot easier, wherever you want to be hostel world has your back.



CouchSurfing is basically an app that connects you with likeminded people who are willing to offer you a couch or a bed for free to stay in as a guest.

This is the perfect app if you want to experience a more local and authentic vibe, I’ve made tons of friends through this app and it promotes an exchange of cultures.

Did I mention that this app is totally free, it does have a one time payment to be verified but that is optional. I would say this app is one of the best ones that I’ve used and would highly recommend it.


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Now this app is special for several reasons, it can scan for your preferred destination across multiple platforms which is a huge timesaver, while there are other websites that do this according to several users, Skyscanner does it best.

Not only does it help with flights it also helps you out with hotels and car rentals as well, that should be considered as a huge bonus as you have all these services under the same website, while I have not used the hotel and car rental features, since I prefer to use couchsurfing, you cannot deny that these services are going to make planning your next trip highly convenient.

XE Currency Converter

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Now I’ve been using this app for a long time and let me tell you it is amazing! The function of this is to convert currency and keep you up to date on all the changes, it refreshes the page every 30 seconds ensuring that you stay up to date on all the latest values.

You can simply add 10 different currencies and simply select one of them and type in the desired amount and watch as it shows you the value for those other countries.

Google translate

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This simple yet amazing app has been a lifesaver to me across several instances. It translates what you type in into any language that you require, so useful when you are in a foreign country and cannot speak the language.

It also has a voice feature so it would read out the sentence that you have typed out so the person that you are speaking to can simply listen to it instead of reading. I would highly recommend this free app.

Google maps


Another amazing google app, while I am sure most of you already use this I would still include this in my must have travel apps list as it it… yes, must have!

Has a highly user-friendly interface to it and you can also download offline maps so that it could be used in areas that have no internet signal, been using it for years and has rarely let me down.


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Last but not least, perhaps one of the most common apps but still highly important if you are having long flight, long delays or long layovers. The perfect time killer and the most entertaining one too!

With its growing list of shows and movies Netflix is going to have you covered to make sure that you’ve got something to do while you are waiting to catch that next flight.

While all of these must have travel apps are definitely going to aid you on your next adventure I must point to that you would still need to be aware of these apps and know that they are not full proof, as long as you always make some sort of a backup plan and understand that things will go wrong at times its always worthwhile to look on the bright side and just enjoy the ride.

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