Best travel movies

Top 5 Travel movies

“I love waking up in the morning not knowing whats gonna happen or who I’am gonna meet, Where I’m gonna end up” – Jack Dawson (Titanic)

Theres no argument about how movies and inspire and transform lives, travel movies are no different, whether they are fictional or based on a true story, these tales have the power of inspiration within them, they have certainly changed the course of my life and I am not the only one that they have touched.

So I decided to write about the best travel movies which are also the most meaningful ones, these are not by any means the only good ones out there, I’ve just selected them based on the impact they have had one myself.

Into the Wild

Best travel movies

This movie is on everyone’s list for a reason! Based on a true story this is about a student who simply drops everything to live among nature. After graduating college he packs up his backpack and hitchhikes before eventually ending up in Alaska. The story is based from his family and the many friends that he made along his way.

A truly inspiring, sad and sometimes funny movie that teaches you about the joys and dangers of travel and being one with nature.

The secret life of Walter Mitty

Best travel movies

This epic movie which is both directed and starring Ben Stiller tells the story of a magazine photo editor’s hunt for the elusive mystery photographer to get a copy of a misplaced photo. As he chases him through several countries based on clues that are left behind, Walter, an introvert, starts to find himself.

This movie is for the day dreamers and how one could break out of that shell to become the person that they dream of.

Ps: you will have a strong urge to travel to Iceland after watching this movie!


An absolutely amazing movie based on a true story which tells the tale of a young woman her dog and 4 camels as they traverse across 2700 kms in Australia with the aim of reaching the sea. This national geographic documented story is fraught with adventure, dangers and kindness. This was definetly one of the best travel movies for me

The motorcycle diaries

Top 5 Travel movies 5

An amazing 2004 biopic about the then young Ernesto Guevara. Set in 1952 two friends begin their journey across South America. They find that the road changes them from being youthful and sometimes mischievous to sober and empathetic towards the lives of the impoverished Latin people.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (You don’t get a second life)

mas 6

An Indian movie about a road trip across Spain with 3 friends who reunite just for this reason.

Each friend travels with their own mental baggage begin to learn more about each other and the people they come across along the way. This comedy/ romantic travel movie truely captures the audience with stunning shots of the Spanish landscape. Find this little gem on Netflix!

Disagree with me? Let me know what are your top picks for travel movies in the comments below!

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