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โ€œTravel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.โ€ ~ Gustave Flaubert

To the untrained eye it might seem like if you’ve seen one travel documentary you’ve seen them all, well, in come the best travel documentaries blog to prove you wrong!

Each documentary despite all being about the same subject are completely different when it comes to story, visual presentation and the travellers personal experience. So presented below is a lift of the best travel documentaries in my opinion.

Pedal the world:

best travel documentaries

Felix Starck, a filmmaker documents his travels as he cycles across the world. Over 365 days Felix sets out on 2013 from Germany with the intention of crossing the globe.

He believes that a bicycle is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel and it is cheaper than just a backpack. Felix pedals across Europe to Turkey and then to South East Asia then New Zealand and the United States and then back to Germany.

While it was not all pleasant experiences, as you would see in the documentary it was the kindness from random people that kept Felix going.

A map for Saturday:

best travel documentaries

Back in 2005 Brook Silva-Braga decides to switch his job to backpack across the world as well as document his experiences as he went along since he has a background in video production.

The result was an epic adventure spanning 26 countries in four continents. Due to his basic equipment and down to earth production style Brook managed to capture the true essence of what it means to be a backpacker.

From moments of triumph to loneliness his story tells the tale of the then hidden world of solo travellers. ” People say your so lucky!” Brook says, Its not lucky, its an attitude”

If you do want to follow the path of a man who travels with the intent of discovering himself and not only foes that but meets people from all over the world who are doing the exact same thing then I highly recommend this documentary. While this is an older one it still holds up sheerly because of its rawness and this will continue to be on my list of the best travel documentaries.

180 degrees South:


This is a story about one man wanting to retrace the steps of his heroes. Climber and surfer Jeff Johnson had unearthed archives of an adventure that Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia) had in 1968 which involved surfing and climbing to the Chilean Patagonia.

This adventure film is an educational adventure that aims to touch your heart. The method that Jeff and his team uses to weave the current footage along with the archives that he found is notably seamless but tells a gradual tale of climate change.

The planet has undoubtedly changed since 1968 and not for the better, this film drives this point home to the viewers and does a good job at that.

Expedition Happiness:

Top 5 travel documentaries 4

“Routine is the enemy of progress”

The pursuit of ultimate happiness, this is one of the main reasons as to why Felix and Selima decided to drop their typical lifestyle in Germany for a life on the road with their dog Rudi.

You might remember Felix from the earlier documentary mentioned “Pedal the world” as a matter of fact it was on this journey that Felix met Selima.

This new adventure spurred them on to buy a rustic school bus and build a tiny home in it. Once that was completed they started their journey from Canada with the intention of driving to South America.

A beautiful story about self discovery, inspiration and overcoming difficult odds which is a worthwhile watch.

Somewhere else tomorrow:

Top 5 travel documentaries 1

Daniel Rintz documents his epic journey from Germany on his bike – without any money! Instead of biding his time saving money he decided to skip that by working odd jobs along the way.

With no support team or film crew Daniel encounters extreme hardship at times along the way to achieving a global understanding. Initially his friend Lars was with him for a 6 month period before heading back home.

This film is one of the most recent ones but one of the best that I had seen so far! The intention behind riding a bike was that they would be able to feel every inch of the land as they drove across it, something that is difficult to do from the comfort of a four wheeler.

Thats my list of the best travel documentaries out there today. Got a different list? Let me know in the comments below! Also be sure to check out by other blog, best travel movies if you would like to switch it up right here.



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