Top countries to visit (that I have been to!)

“No place is ever as bad as they tell you it’s going to be.” – Chuck Thompson

Now, this in no way is an article that ranks which country is better, just the countries that impacted me the most. In terms of traveling I still count myself as nothing more than an amateur, still loads to learn and definitely way more to see! So written below is a list of the top countries to visit.

New Zealand

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The words New Zealand can conjure up several words to describe the country depending on who is thinking about it. It could be used to describe Lord of the Rings, to others it could be cricket or the glaciers, lush forests and sheep!

This country, especially the town of Queenstown, is known as the adventure capital of the world. This means having hiking, bungy jumping, sky diving, cliff jumping and skiing all in one place.

Backpacking is another activity that is extremely popular in new Zealand so for those traveling on a budget, fear not! New Zealand has got you covered. This country unquestionably deserves to be on anyones list of top countries to visit.

Sri Lanka


Since this is my home country I might appear to be biased but ask anyone who has been there and they would probably agree with everything I am about to say.

Nicknamed “the jewel of the Indian Ocean” this little island is lush with forests, beaches and amazing food. The locals here are some of the nicest people you could find, they make it their duty to look after and help tourists, ensuring that they have an authentic experience.

While it might seem chaotic to most western travelers, since the country has a literacy rate of 99% and English is a commonly spoken language here you will find yourselff adjusting quickly.

Of course its not all rainbows and sunshine, you will have to keep your head up to avoid scammers and theft but as long as common sense prevails you will be fine. Rest assured, this little country has something for every type of traveler from 5 star hotels to beaches, amazing train rides and amazing hikes.


top countries to visit

Before I begin I would like to say that this is the first foreign country that I had been to so I made a ton of mistakes when it comes to where I traveled to and how i spent my time.

Home to the delicious Kebabs, Roman and Ottoman architecture and hot air balloons. Istanbul is by far the most amazing city that I have been to, once you get there you will understand why!

One of the many must sees is the Iconic Blue mosque, it attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually and is an Islamic icon.

Just outside of Istanbul you will find Pamukkale, which was made famous by its thermal waters and a whole host of Roman ruins including a well preserved theater.

The Turkish baths is another must do! While they do have tourist baths, I would recommend a local one for an authentic experience.

Indonesia (Bali)

top countries to visit

Sadly I could not spend much time in Indonesia as I had just traveled across Bali so my experiences will be based on that but it still made my list of top countries to visit!

While it is typically seen as a backpackers ideal choice they do also have extremely luxurious options too. While Ubud and Kuta seem tempting, rightfully so, due to all the activities, temples and sights to explore, you would have to get away from them to have a truly authentic experience. Then again, it all depends on what you are after!

Bali is famous for its dive spots, with loads of variety in terms of fish and corals. I would personally recommend Nusa Penida and my favorite spot there would be Kelingking beach, one of the most photographed locations around!

Meet and talk to the friendly locals as they could point out some secret waterfalls and diving spots.


top countries to visit

While I’ve only been to this country once and traveled around for a month (not enough!) I would like to think that I’ve captured a sample of what Philippines is all about.

Its all about good people, good food, good beaches and amazing vibes!

While I did not spend alot of time in the cities (Manila, Cebu and Bohol) I instead wanted to chase villages, beaches and waterfalls, of which I found plenty of!

Would highly recommend the Islands of Cebu and Siquijor (See-Kee-Hor). The further south you go in Cebu the more rural it becomes and hence the more greenery that pops out at you!

Siquijor is an Island that takes approximately and hour to drive around it. It has amazing waterfalls and amazing people, alot of whom I still call my friends.

That was my list of the top countries to visit, let me know what are the top countries that you have been to!



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