Types of distractions

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” 

Winston S. Churchill

At the time of writing this, the year is 2020, now more than ever there are more distractions than ever before that keep us from achieving that goal of where we would rather be, anything as minimal as having a quick glance at your phone when you really don’t have to, to the postponing of an activity to another day or even a week. Here are a few distractions that I constantly succumb to. I’ve taken the liberty of jotting down some of the types of distractions and hopefully we learn to avoid them.


Do these words seem familiar to you? “It’s fine, ill just do it tomorrow!”

It could just be a simple chore but we still find the need to put it off, not always because we are lazy but because of distractions.

You could refuse to vacumn the house because you just happened to et that new game and you could not wait another hour to start it.

You would always have that nagging feeling in the back of your head though, just a slight reminder of what you are putting off and that gnaws at you.

Social Media:

By far the biggest distraction if not managed. While social media now has the power to make positive changes it has been clearly designed to distract us with its allure.

I have now been distracted twice since I started writing this!

While virtually no one is immune to social media there are methods and techniques that one can use to stem the flow and get yourself more organised.

You could try turning off some of the less important notifications, which is what I tried and it really does work, I found myself staring at my phone less.


I also found that the more I own the more distracted I would be, from simple time wasters like owning too much clothes thereby taking longer to decide, to perhaps owning a tv (not a good idea!)

What I tried was a 30 day minimalist challenge. So I would take a month and on the first day I would get rid of one object that I find no use for, on the second day I would get rid of two items and so on.

By day fifteen I found that while I got rid of several things I did not miss any of them, I didn’t even remember most of what I had given away!

This brought over a great sense of relief and also a feeling of accomplishment, I plan on doing this again just in case I missed something!

Check out The Minimalists, a duo of like minded people who have made it their mission in life to learn to live with less for some more insight.


Perhaps one of the distractions that I have the most difficulty with is the media, mainly tv shows and movies. Of all the types of distractions I would say that this is a really major one.

While there are noteworthy and informative documentaries out there and some even that I have spoken about in the past there are a lot out there that are just time killers.

While I wholeheartedly agree that they are entertaining, too much of it would stall you and keep you from achieving your goals.

I guess the key would be time management, try to keep it to one episode a night instead of binge watching a season. You will find that it opens up space to do a whole load of productive activities.


Like I said at the beginning this is not easy to follow through, I have been struggling with all of these distractions for years, hopefully if we all pull our socks up and try a little harder everyday then perhaps in the near future we could all be a little less distracted.

Thats my list on the types of distractions and how you could work on them. Be sure to check out my other article on a few reasons as to why I do not drink coffee here. Quite a controversial topic!



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