Is it safe to travel now? We find out


While there are several restrictions that are still in place now we are starting to see a shift where countries are starting to announce when they are planning on reopening the borders to tourism again, we are also seeing signs of sporting venues beginning to restart as well, all of this are good indications that the world is starting to slowly creep towards normalcy and this is highly encouraging to see. However, the main question on every travellers mind is, is it safe to travel now?

If you were to look at it from the countries point of view, they are really eager to start opening up their borders and even offer deals or discounts to any potential tourists. They are eager to restart their economies.

Are we really ready to start overseas travel again though? are you willing to risk boarding a plane along with a couple of hundred other passengers and soar through the sky for hours on end? One study done by National Geographic find that just 2% of 2,200 people say that they would be willing to travel overseas, cautions are still been highly encouraged by most of the disease control and prevention agencies around the world. A majority of the countries and states still have the mandatory rule of self-isolation for 14 days.

Back to the question of actually willing to fly though, you will be pleased to know that chances of in flight transmissions are quite rare, also if people were to follow the guidelines set by the World Health Organisation, the chances will drop even further. It makes sense to think that you could easily pick up a bug inside a plane due to the compressed structure that carries hundreds of people in a sealed container however the truth of the matter is that the quality of air inside the plane is pretty good, they use filters to ensure that clean air is constantly circulated.

Another reason to dispel that myth is that the airlines are constantly trying to find new ways to minimise the risk of diseases spreading on their flights, this could range from intensive cleaning to spraying disinfectant across the entire surface within the plane. Most flights also offer wipes and sanitiser bottles.

Also we now have countries who provide testing upon arrival and the number of countries who offer this service is slowly expanding, while vaccinations are surely recommended before any travel is done you will not be forced upon it although it would then limit what countries you could go to.

Is it safe to travel now? We find out

When it comes to booking a hotel be sure to check their respective websites to find out what is their policy when it comes to Covid 19, what have they ensured they would do in order to prevent the risk of spread within their premises, how they intend to better protect their staff as well as this gives you a gloms of how well they would take care of you.

In conclusion I would say to the question, is it safe to travel now? firstly, be kind and understanding of the people around you, closely look and make a detailed plan when selecting what country to travel to, read up on their pandemic policies and what you can do to follow their rules as we need to understand that all they are doing is trying to keep their country safe. Plenty of countries depend on tourism as part of their GDP so restarting the economy is crucial so if you were to travel abroad and buy local, you are aiding the country in getting back on its feet and isn’t that a wonderful thing!


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