Top travel trends

‘NOT I – NOT ANYONE else, can travel that road for you, You must travel it for yourself.’ – Walt Whitman

While this year is fretted with one disaster after another if there’s one thing I know, we always bounce back, this would mean figuring out how we can go about reopening businesses, resorts, beaches and all other forms of attractions to entice tourists to spend their money and help jumpstart the economy, So in this article we hope to take a look at some of the top travel trends that might come in handy when planning your next destination.

This could be one of the most earth conscious years of travel yet that we shall have. As travellers now have been known to prioritise the planet, leaving a smaller carbon footprint and the local communities. This is hardly a surprise since some of the leading arguments that constantly come up is somewhat directly or indirectly related to climate change.

So with that in mind let’s take a look at a few top travel trends that might be here to stay.


 Single use plastics will fade away

top travel trends

As travellers become more aware of the impact they leave while on vacation has directly lead to a reduction in the use of plastics that are more likely to be used just once and then discarded. One option to aid in faster reduction of use would be to bring your own reusable water bottle or coffee cup, a simple yet powerful difference if enough tourists start to adapt this measure.

There are now several examples of resorts around the world opting to reduce plastics whether it be stopping the branches from placing plastic water bottles in rooms or banning the use of plastic straws, while all of this is a huge victory this is just barely scratching the surface of tackling the problem, however it is definitely a step in the right direction.


Travelling off the beaten path

top travel trends

Another trend that is gaining momentum is tourists opting to sacrifice visiting the cliche travel destinations in search of less familiar yet similar locations, a recent poll shows that a large number of travellers would more likely choose to play a part in reducing over-tourism.

This is quite a significant move as this would suggest that the extremely popular sights could see a drop in visitors which at first might also see a drop in revenue but would allow the cities to breathe and focus more on the fewer number of tourists that still come.

This would also mean that countries and city that have been underestimated for too long could expect their visitors in increase which would be very good news indeed.


Instagram tourism

While this topic might be positive to some while negative to others we cannot deny that instagram tourism is a thing, Either when wanting to promote your journey of travel, inspiring wanderlust to your followers or getting inspired due to travel posts Instagram is a powerful tool capable of bringing viral fame to any previously unheard of locations.

It is a platform that boasts over a billion monthly users, any marketers dream, proper promotion of services or locations can lead to a rapid following and a large swell of people wanting to travel. This is not just one of a top travel trends fade but it is here to stay. Unfortunately selfie related deaths is not rare enough as we get more and more people willing to put their lives on the line in search of that elusive perfect picture.


Motion based travel

One of the first times that I’ve heard this term but after doing a little digging into what it actually is, it made a a lot of sense! Motion based travel is when tourists are more willing to sweat it out during their vacations instead of the typical laid back style that is more common.

We are seeing more and more companies and countries highlighting this kind of travel as it gains more popularity and we see plenty of tourists opting for a more motion based travel style. A few examples of these types of travel would be the swim specific tours in the Maldives or the bike to boat vacations in Croatia.



I have noticed a large spike in the term “microcations” being used across the writing world and it is a very intriguing one indeed. basically what microcations is is when tourists choose to cancel any long term vacation plans in favour of shorter trips that are more closer to home, thus enabling them to take more vacations in the same span of days.

While this not always about saving money (however this would help!) it’s more about reducing their carbon footprint on the planet and being more environmentally conscious. The reason for this top travel trend to gain more traction is when people start to realise there is either less or no jet lag and it is highly unlikely that you would be on any long haul flights to enjoy your vacation.


All in all after compiling this, hopefully useful, list of the top travel trends you would have gained some clarity and maybe learnt something new, I, for one, am excited to experience the changes and see how we move forward post Covid 19.

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