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“If you think adventure is dangerous try routine, its lethal” ~ Paul Coelho

Theres over a billion active users on Youtube in 2020, every minute, over a 100 hours of footage is uploaded, also 6 billion hours of videos are uploaded every month. So we will be observing the best travel YouTube channels.

These are all part of the reason why travel influences are gaining more popularity and views. As a result viewers get a more personal and detailed inside into the lives of these nomadic travellers. People are also informed about how to go about paving their own Youtube career.

Here is a list of the best travel Youtube channels, there are so much more than just this 5 but they have been listed based on how much influence they have had on me.

Fun For Louis:

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Louis Cole, an English born Youtuber who is currently based in Los Angeles, along with his Youtube channel “funforlouis” is a daily travel blogger, in fact he is considered one of the first daily sloggers out there.

Despite his previous controversies Louis was a big influence on myself as well as thousands of other people across the planet.

He constantly travels to different countries and documents his day as it goes on. He always makes it a point to show the positives about the country that he currently is in.

Aart from all of that he promotes good vibes and thoughtful insights about living life to the fullest.

Click here to check out FunForLouis

Kombi Life:

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Ben who lives in a kombi (Hence the name!) shares his adventures as he travels across the Americas filming his daily struggles and successes. Ben claims that anyone can do what he does if they truely strive towards it and stick to the cheaper countries!

The videos they make is a must watch as he travels across rivers, lakes and forests. Ben, his girlfriend Leah and Alaska, an English cocker spaniel, whom he rescued from the streets of Peru, are currently embarking on an across the world adventure in their Kombi. Expect a lot of new and exciting videos from them!

Click here to check out kombilife

Jacob Laukaitis:

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Born and raised in Lithuania Jacob is an entrepreneur who uses his knowledge of business and startups to travel the world.

His channel provides exceptional advise on traveling, quitting the tradition 9 – 5 lifestyle and exposes the world to other cultures. He creates videos in order to inspire people, showing them paths that they could take towards self fulfilment, his slogan being “stay curious” attests to that very ideal.

He writes blogs in addition to all else that he already does based on his travels and experiences which provide vital information for keen readers.

Clickere to check out JacobLaukaitis

Sal Lavallo:

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Quite simply put Sal Lavallo is one of the youngest people to have travelled to every single country in the world. This is quite the feat considering that there are a 193 countries!

He has achieved this remarkable milestone by the time he reached the age of 27 and recently after achieving this he started a Youtube channel to talk about his travels.

In his channel he talks about a wide range of travel related topics from how much he spent to the most affordable countries and also all of the strange and unusual situations that he had encountered. The advice that he gives is simply invaluable and is definitely worth following, his videos will surely help you make your next trip easier.

Click here to check out Sal Lavallo

Simon Wilson:

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Simon is a Youtuber who caught my eye only recently, an entrepreneur and film maker by trade he has made himself well known due to his creative videos setting out different challenges for himself.

Born in North Wales Simon got popular for his series, traveling without money, to several countries, he also famously completed his challenge of visiting all 7 wonders just in 7 days.

His videos are definelty worth a watch as his unique adventures and experiences are entertaining to see as he sets up his videos and has an extremely captivating method of engaging his viewers.

Click here to check out Simon Wilson

That was my list of the best travel YouTube channels, got your own favourite YouTubers? Let me know in the comments below! Check out my other article on the Top 5 travel series here.



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