What Lord Of The Rings taught me

“Home Is Behind, The World Ahead” J.R.R Tolkien

Like most people my age I grew up with Lord Of The Rings, Initially though I did not really understand it, just watched it for the battles!

However over the years I have not only come to understand it but greatly appreciate it too. The best part was that whenever I would rewatch it I would constantly find some little detail or plot that I missed.

All of these stories and actions taught me lessons and has become a part of me, so listed below are a few of the attributes that lord Of The Rings taught me.

Have courage:

In the story line there is no one main character, could it be Frodo the ring bearer, Gandalf the wizard or Aragon the ranger from the North, while some might argue over this fact non can deny the one thing that bonded them together and that is Courage.

So perhaps this story focuses less on any one main character but chooses to focus instead on having courage to do whats right.



From the bond between Frodo and Sam, Merry and Pippin to Legolas and Gimli, the bond that they have for each other is unbreakable going to extraordinary lengths to protect one or the other. This particular trait still resonates strongly with me.



Two hobbits, some of the smallest and most unlikely of people sneak behind enemy lines, undetected, come across extreme obstacles to destroy the enemy’s Ring of power, with level of odds stacked against them there can be no question that this is a story of hope.



We cannot traverse this world alone, every now and again you are going to need help, Frodo could not have completed his task without Sam, where would Aragon be if not for the aid he received from Legolas and Gimli, throughout this trilogy I learnt that its ok for someone to ask for help and to know when to give it.



Everyone from the Elves to the Ents tend to accomodate travellers in one form or the other, hospitality is an essential part of this middle earth, you can tell that just by the way the hobbits bend over backwards to accomodate guests!

Everyone needs a break from their travels and the world of Tolkien does much to educate the reader about the importance of this trait.

The Power of Traveling:

Though we wish that we could save the world if we could travel, that is most likely not going to be the case however just like Frodo and Sam, as they explore and experience new surroundings you could do the same. Whilst doing that why not volunteer your time towards helping others. There are plenty of organisations that need people who are willing to help others in different parts of the world.


What about you guys, are you LOTR fans? Let me know in the comments below!




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