Best way to travel New Zealand

best way to travel new Zealand

“If all difficulties were known at the outset of a long journey, most of us would never start out at all.” – Dan Rather

Its not that difficult to travel across New Zealand, there’s all kinds of transport and a large quantity of them as well. this ranges from driving to flying to even walking. If you were to ravel to New Zealand you would know that your choice of transport will affect your plans while you are there so below is a list of all kinds of transport that’s available in the country. So lets find out the best way to travel new Zealand.


best way to travel new Zealand

One of the cheapest methods of transport and since it follows set routes you will not be in for any unexpected surprises, taking the InterCity coach will let you move between most towns and cities which will then allow you to use the local buses to move inside of the city.

You can also apply for bus passes which could not only make the prices cheaper but also allow you to stop in any town along the route between your two destinations.

Rent a car/ camper van


This is a popular option for tourists since it allows you the freedom to drive off the track and let you make unexpected stops along the way.  If you were to rent a camper van, which is also another popular option, you could save yourself the cost of accomodation by sleeping in it. This will allow you to stop at camping spots and spend the night under the stars.

Some people even pickup travellers along the way to split the fuel costs which can be another saver. Since this is a rather competitive market for rental companies you would have a wide range of selections to look at and choose what would best serve your needs.

Buy a car/ camper van

best way to travel new Zealand

Now if you are planning on spending quite a long time in New Zealand why not just buy your own car? This would give you the ultimate freedom as you would not need to worry about rental fees or any other potential costs. Once your trip was to finish all you would need to do would be to find a buyer to take the car out of your hands.

Theres plenty of travellers who choose this option and would also highly recommend this method. If you did buy a camper van you would not need to find accomodation for the duration of your stay especially when you couple buying your own transport with spending the night at cheap camp sites and you will have found yourself to be saving quite a large amount of cash on accomodation.



Flying can be cheap as long as you keep a close eye on he flights, checking out a website called grabaseat would also help as they promote deals. New Zealand has over 25 domestic airports flying is a good option, especially if you do not have a lot of time to travel around the country.

There are two main rivals when it comes to local flights, Air New Zealand and Jetstar, personally I would recommend Air New Zealand as I found their services and flights to be better overall however Jetstar could have cheaper deals.

Hitch Hiking


A surprisingly common mode of transport within New Zealand especially among backpackers, there’s plenty of willing drivers who would stop to pick you up, people have been known to travel long distances using this method of travel. Additionally if you were to be travelling for a while in the same direction you could offer to split the fuel costs as a way of saying thanks and am sure they would appreciate it.

This is a completely legal way to travel and there a low element of risk as New Zealand is a safe country. You would also has a fun time getting to know new people as exchange your experiences. This can however turn out to be a time consuming way of travelling as you would be dependent on a driver stopping to pick you up.

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