Being productive during the lockdown

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“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchhill

March and April will go down as the months in which the Earth stood still, by limiting most of our lives we are no longer being productive due to the lockdown, with the number of COVID 19 cases still rising most of us are facing the task of working from home, while the rest are consigned to either temporary suspension or having being let go by their respective companies. Since isolation rules have come in to place, people around the globe are limited to interactions with those within their bubbles and other than online interactions, have no way of meeting anyone face to face.

That does not however mean that you would not be able to be productive during the lockdown, you could divide all this free time that you now have into portions and fill them up with productive activities to keep yourself busy throughout the day. While this might take some time getting used to, you could look at this situationas an opportunity to better yourself or to do that one special thing that you keep putting off.

Here are a few ideas that you could adopt and will, hopefully, not only help you pass the time but also be useful to you after this is all over.

Learn a language.

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Perhaps its time to finally pick up that spanish 101 book that you currently use as a coaster to step up that language game!

In all seriousness, why not? dedicate at least 3 – 4 hours of your day to going through the basics of a language that you always wanted to learn about. It does not have to be just about books too, you could either get an audio book which you can then even listen to while doing other tasks like cleaning up.

If you want to really get into it you can also look up tutorials on YouTube or SkillShare, they are both great platforms from which you could pickup a tonne of knowledge and tips. You could also use apps with which to learn, one app that I am currently looking at is Babbel. You could choose upto 14 different languages and is extremely user friendly. Its being simplified to the point where basically anyone can learn from it, furthermore we are perfectly poised to learn from all of these tools that have been provided to us so that we could be more productive during the lockdown.

Keep yourself updated.

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All of us have bookmarked articles, videos or recipies that we always kept telling ourselves that we would get back to, well, now is the perfect time to do just that! why not spend some time getting some serious brain power and also a break from the 24 hour cycle of COVID 19 information that keeps filling up your feed. While that is important just shedule a certain amount of time to do that.

By doing this you would also be doing yourself the favor of digital minimalism by clearing your bookmark and browser folders.

Take up writing.

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Starting a blog can only bring about good things, even if it is just as a hobby, you could possibly nurture and grow it into something bigger in the future. It could just be about sharing your opinions and thoughts on the current situation or you could just talk about a nitche that you have always been into. Theres plenty of research material on almost every subject to go around so you need not worry about how to go about starting it. This will surely help you to be more productive during the lockdown.

By using WordPress (which is what I use!) you can start a free blog to start with, you will also find plenty of likeminded individual seasoned bloggers or ones that are just starting out so there is always a wide range of people with varied levels of knowledge to talk to.

Build your connections.

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If you primarily work in the corporate world or are interested in getting in it why not take this time to look for and create connections with people who are already in it, you never know how this might end up and you could be pleasantly suprised as to how much this could have a positive impact on your career. Check out Linkedin if you are already not on it, it is one of the best platforms when it comes to business connections and it is steady rising all this time, more so now during this lockdown!

Also use this time to step up your social media game, build up your presence on Instagram if thats something that your interested in, start posting regular and creative content, even posting with the hashtag #qurantinecontent will make sure that you are seen by the right accounts.

Learn to code.


This is something that I have been trying to learn (and not doing so well!) perhaps most of you will find more success with it! This skill when harnessed will be a powerful tool in this digital age, this can potentially be your future career path as well due to the high value of this particular skill.

I’ve been taking online lessons from this amazing YouTube channel CS Dojo, especially his Python lessons which start from the absolute basic level. I found this series to be extremely valuable and am still learning from him. If you were to start this with time and patience there is a good chance of you succeeding and implementing this skill in the future.


While there are plenty of other short ideas to keep your time in lockdown fullfilling like painting, organising your wardrobe and washing your car in the end what we should have gained will be a benefit for you once this crisis ends, be it a particular skill or knowledge gained, you can come away knowing that you spend your time wisely. Also be sure to check out my thoughts on what we have learnt during these troubled times by clicking here.

The world may have stopped but there is no reason for you to do so as well.

What’s been your quarantine content that’s been keeping you busy? Let me know down in the comments and lets create a tiny community for ideas!



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