What can we learn from the Covid-19 pandemic


“Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.”
Roy T. Bennett


Everywhere you look whether its the TV or at every swipe in social media there is but one conversation that’s constantly brought up because right here in the now we are living in a scary time.

This virus has dealt us a quick and severe blow, crippling lives, countries and the world economy, while deaths have been comparatively low no one expected this virus to claim as much lives as it has. Countries all over the world have now been forced into lockdown which as a result has put the world on halt.

The first sign of the bad times would have had to be the panic buyers and the stockpilers, while this is not an article on that it must be mentioned as people who decide to take advantage of this terrible situation deserve to be called out.

I have spoken to several people who had been let go and were forced to fly back home all because hey had no way of sustaining themselves, those that did leave though were the lucky ones (depending on how you see it) as shortly after a majority of the counties began to go into lockdown and flights began to become scarce and expensive.

Also don’t forget that while we wait in our houses for the borders to be reopened just so that we can go back to our daily lives there are people out there who are daily wage workers, those who cannot afford a single day of not working, sadly it is them who continue to suffer the most and nothing has been done to remedy this. I read an interview recently about such a person who said he had to decide between working and risking getting infected or not working and letting his family starve.

However, if you were to brush past the stories of heartbreak and sadness heroes begin to emerge, people willing to selflessly sacrifice their health and even lives in order to save others. Migrants who make up the majority of workers in the retail industry in where I live are suddenly hailed as heroes for continuing to come to work every day in order for people to have some semblance of normalcy, whoever thought supermarkets would suddenly not be taken for granted but be seen as the only place where it would be possible to go to get your sustenance.

We did not see the day that these same workers would be more valuable than celebrities or sportsmen, this pandemic has not only highlighted their importance but shown a spotlight on the ignored.

This world is slowly starting to bring out the best in humanity, we will endure, pollution has started to clear, animals are roaming the streets giving us a glimpse of that the future holds if humanity were to ever be wiped out.

So let us come together, follow the rules set by our respective countries as they are placed for a reason and remember than no government shuts down the country willingly, practice social distancing and while doing so take the time to learn about the people in your bubble or yourselves, focus on your hobbies, read the book that you keep putting off, start an exercise program at home, take that online course you’ve always been meaning to register for and remember to always spread love.

This is not the end.


Do you have a story of hope or an act of kindness that you witnessed, please share it with the rest of us and spread some positive vibes! We need it 🙂



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