Life in Queenstown

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls” – Anais Nin

Been living here for almost four years now, some would say that that is too long to live in a party/ touristic town what with its high cost of living and a general lack of accommodation available.

I, however think that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, there will definitely be a time to move out, just not yet!

Let me break down life in Queenstown into several categories and let you be the judge!


We have got to start off with the basics, so initially lets discuss the cost of having a roof over your head!

It is unfortunately one of the hardest things to do, simply because there isn’t enough housing to meet the demand of the people who continue to come in search of work, while it is still possible to find accommodation it would probably take a while so perhaps be prepared to live in a hostel in the meantime!

There are several examples of people living in hostels as they simply cannot find a more permanent solution. Even when you do find a house/ apartment, be prepared to pay a hefty sum for it!

$250 being the average price for a single person while for couples it would go for around $350 per week. (not including bills)

Mas 2


New Zealand is expensive comparatively and it does not help that Queenstown is probably the most expensive town of the lot!

Especially during winter the fruits and vegetables tend to be on the high end. Still, one way that will most definitely save you some money would be to cook for yourself. Always remember the Queenstown is a tourist majority town so it does tend to cater to them.

If you still feel like dining out most cities in New Zealand (including Queenstown) has a first table option, which, if basically explained is, one table in most restaurants will have a 50% discount on all foods, you would just need to reserve it online on the first table website. This is a handy tool if you wish to impress someone or simply dine somewhere fancy with your friends.

Queenstown does have two fast food joints that are unique, the first being Fergburger which is an absolute must have if you are in town, they claim to make some of the best burgers around!

The second one would be a close rival would be the Devil burger who always ensure to keep Ferg on their toes and not get too comfortable!


If you are the party type then Queenstown is definitely the town for you. With plenty of bars to choose from, it literally feels like everyday is a Saturday night!

Also if you are more of a introvert you can still find some peace and quiet in Queenstown.You could sit by the lake on in the park and read a book.

For the hikers, fear not! Queenstown has completely got you covered! Each hike is unique, they range from easy flat ones to extreme multi day trails. They offer breathtaking views of the Remarkables mountain range, even if you are a mountain biker Queenstown will not disappoint.

Life in Queenstown 3


In a nutshell, skiing and snow boarding!

There are a few different mountain ranges to choose from that lie around Queenstown that are not a far drive away from town.

We also have kayaking, rafting, extreme cycling, sky diving and bungee jumping plus loads more to keep the adrenaline pumping!

We have 3 seperate bungy jumping locations that make for thrilling jumps, The highest one being the Nevis bungy which has a fall time of 8 1/2 seconds!

Queenstown is rightfully called the adventure capital of the world, once you experience all of this for yourself you’ll find it hard to argue against that title!


Finding a job here can be easy since there are plenty of transitions as employees move in and out of the jobs due to the working holiday visa scheme. As long as you do not mind working on a minimum wage there should be plenty of jobs going around.

The main fields being hospitality and construction it will be hard to find a variety other than those two, while the typical office job will be available it is tough to come by and is mostly held by the locals.


A tip from a local would be to not trust the weather report as it does have a tendency to change at any given time! During winter there is plenty of snow up in the mountain ranges and they at times do venture down to the town.

It usually starts to get cold, wet and windy a couple of months before winter sets in, while it does get quite warm during summer and you are highly encouraged to rush to the beaches and jump in the lake!

Finally I would like to say that everyone must experience life in Queenstown due to its uniqueness, While you will have your ups and downs for sure what with finding accommodation and such however this will be an experience that you will not forget in a hurry!



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