5 things to know before traveling to Sri Lanka


The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist see what he has come to see – G K Chesterton

Of course there are the usual dos and do not when traveling to a new country and that becomes apparent if one was to go there without the proper preparation.

So here’s a short list of some of the things you must know before traveling to Sri Lanka.

Alot of things to see.

Despite being a small island this majestic country certainly has alot to offer. From world heritage sites like Sigiriya to to the world class beaches and national parks it caters to every kind of traveler, one month is not nearly enough to explore the country.

Want to go deep sea diving? Visit breathtaking temples? Sri Lanka has definitely got you covered!



As we mentioned earlier it takes awhile to travel around, depending on where your going to, the national parks would have the occasional elephants on the roads and almost everywhere else your gonna have to deal with bus drivers who have no regard for the speed limit!

Traffic is also another issue when driving in cities so travels must be planned ahead to avoid delays.


What’s the best time to come

Despite the fact that’s its sunny almost all year round Sri Lanka has two monsoon seasons, December to March and June to October. Also while it does rain do not expect it to last.

Climate wise it is recommended to have a sweater or two packed and ready if your expecting to visit the hilly central regions of the country since it could get pretty cold there.


The language

While the main language spoken in Sri Lanka is Sinhalese, English is common knowledge among the local populace especially the people around the more touristy areas so communication will not be a problem.


Do not order western food!

To truely experience the authentic culture of the Sri Lankan people I highly recommend that you try out all the street food that they have to offer which is far better than the other options. That also would help you get.more in tune and get you a better idea of how the locals live.

Even the basic food sold on the streets or their little stores offer quality and flavor which is even better than have bite size options in fancy hotels around the country.



All of these details could help you prepare for your journey to this amazing country however nothing will prepare you for when you actually see it for yourself so always expect the unexpected and be sure to be open minded when trying out new things!



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