Road tripping in Sri Lanka

The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page. – Saint Augustine

Though this is not common among the locals roadtripping is starting to catch on, especially with the younger generation.

While it is true that many younger people prefer to live in camper van’s rather than houses, this is yet to catch on in Sri Lanka or any other 3rd world country for that matter.

So what we have instead is foreigners who come to Sri Lanka and travel, however there is little need to camp out or use camper van’s because of the low costs of the country so even regular backpackers would much rather prefer to stay on hotels or motels.

They generally stay for a couple of months or so which would give them plenty of time to explore most of the island from the southern Portuguese built forts to the beaches of the East and the mountains right at the center.

While the elephant sanctuaries are one of the main attractions and well as the wildlife parks there are different locations that could sparked the interest of many a backpacker. Sigiriya (lions rock) for instance would be one such place.

When it comes to camping out they could turn to the central part of Sri Lanka which has lush rainforests and most of the mountains. So if you wanted to wake up to the sweet scents of a tropical rainforest this would be the ideal place.

If you would like a change from all that or for, for some reason, crave a more warmer climate, traveling up north or towards the east could solve your desire.

The culture and the people there would seem a little different than the capital but that brings on a whole new experience to the traveler.

Whatever side you pick (or all of them!) You are guaranteed to have a fun and fulfilling experience when traveling in Sri Lanka.



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