Sri Lankan Village Life

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it – George Moore

Nope! That’s the city and as you can see it can get pretty hectic out there especially during the evenings.

Cities in third world countries have alot to learn in terms of traffic, noise pollution and pretty much just toning down the chaos.

That’s why people opt to go back to their hometowns whenever the opportunity arrives, mostly during the weekends, just to get away from the clutter.

Since most of the people living in Colombo are originally from outside the city they would find little difficulty in heading out to find some peace and quiet.


There are rural areas scattered throughout the country but I shall focus more on the central ones since, in my opinion, they are the coolest ones.

You can travel by either bus or train if your looking for a public mode of transport which I highly suggest you do (simply because of the experience!)

Be prepared for breathtaking views and make sure to have your camera app on standby!

Apart from the astounding views you also get the feeling of fresh air and you can literally feel the difference when breathing in.

The locals are some of the kindest and generous people you could hope to meet. Never miss the chance to walk into their homes and share a meal because they will definitely invite you over.

You can take walks over from little streams and even lakes all the way to thickets and woods that will immerse you in nature and make you forget, for at least a moment, your busy life and/ or hectic schedule.

The best part for me would be finding rickety old bridges across streaming rivers which makes for excellent photography opportunities!


Next time your ever in Sri Lanka make sure to get off the paved roads and take a leap into the villages because this country has alot more to offer if you are willing to peek behind the bushes!

What would your first village be on your bucket list and why, make sure to let me know in the comments below.



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