Travelling in Sri Lanka, is it worth it?

A wise traveler never despises his own country – Carlo Goldini

Short answer “Heck Yes!”

However you are here for the details so let’s get into it.

Stunning Beaches


Located in the South of Sri Lanka Arugam bay is definitely the highlight of one’s journey should they ever go there, a surfers paradise where they can hit the waves during the warm summer days and have plenty of fun at the numerous beach parties held in the evenings.

Great Locals

As a Cricket loving nation the locals are extremely open and caring, you will find traveling on the streets extremely easy apart from some chaotic traffic.

English is a norm here so even though it might take some getting used to you will adjust successfully.

The greatest train rides

Climbing up the slopes of Ella, located in the south east side of the island, is a real hidden gem, cutting through the jungle from Nuweraliya to Ella is one amazing train ride which takes you through pristine rainforests which truely gives you the sense of being one with nature. Hanging out the door can be really fun too!

Sigiriya Rock

The Fortress that rested atop this rock was built by King Kasyapa as his capital and its name which is translated to lion’s rock due to the gateway being built in the shape of an enormous lion.

Hiking up this particular world heritage site will give you glimpses into what this palace was like in its heyday. Something that you must put in and check on your bucket list.


As you can see here this is just a sample of what awaits anyone who makes Sri Lanka this year’s must see country, whether on a family vacation or just backpacking, this pearl of the Indian Ocean has something to offer to everyone that lands on its shores.



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