This is me

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

This post is going to focus on how I came to be where I am today and not on travel.

Sri Lanka (especially Colombo) is a buzzing metropolitan, a vibrant and noisy place to grow in. To me it seemed like the world revolved around the City of Colombo and I was fine within its confines (at least for the time being!)

Got a job and started working a 9 to 5 just because it was the thing to do.

One day along popped the song “the nights” by Avicii on the local radio, I didnt know the artist then but there was something in the lyrics that just clicked in my mind and I’ve never felt the same since!

Live a life you will remember. — Avicii

This quote made me realise that there was more to life and it was just passing me by.

I quit my job the very next day and started preparing myself to live more and focus on what really mattered in life. It wasn’t easy but day by day it all started making sense and I havent looked back since nor do I regret ever making this decision.

I started making travel videos to document where ever I went and as regularly as possible.

Here I am three years later living and working in New Zealand (yaay!) Traveling within and outside the country whenever possible.

My latest venture is to start a blog and see where this could take me, am very excited about the future and cant wait to share it in here.

Alright enough about me!

Tell me your story and if I could quote Avicci for a moment, are you living a life you will remember?



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